Will Niyo Global Debit Card work in Dundee,Scotland?

I wanted to know whether a Niyo Global Debit Card be accepted in Scotland? If not, which type of Niyo Card work in Scotland for POS & ECOM?

Hi @Siddharth_Parikh ,

Certainly! The card is accepted in over 180 countries, except for Russia, Nepal, and Bhutan, where our services are currently restricted. You should be able to use the card anywhere that VISA services are available.


What are the options for me if it does not work in Scotland?

HI @Siddharth_Parikh ,

If you face any issue regarding the transactions. Kindly write an email to global@goniyo.com detailing your issue. Our dedicated team will thoroughly review your case and provide you with the necessary assistance. We are here to help and ensure your concerns are addressed promptly.