Is NIYO Global DCB bank Debit Card workin in Texas, USA?

I recently applied for and got a NIYO GLOBAL DCB bank Debit card, as I am traavelling to Houston, TX, USA next week.

I was reading the blog and came across some posts which say the international transactions of NIYO GLOBAL DEBIT CARD might not be working?

What is the status as of March 2023? Should I also carry an alternate FOREX card?

Where all will this card work? and what all services like ATM, POS transactions, international websites etc, i wont be able to do?

Hi Partha,

Apologies for the delay in response.

The Niyo Global DCB Debit card is accepted in over 150 countries worldwide, including the USA. You can use it for various services such as ATM withdrawals, POS transactions, and online purchases on international websites without any limitations.

In summary, your Niyo Global DCB Debit card should work seamlessly during your trip to Houston, TX, USA. Nonetheless, having an additional Niyo credit card as a backup is advisable for added convenience and security.