Why niyox needs polished app

Current NiyoX app is fast and clean compared to other traditional bank apps, but its still rough around edges. There are new players coming to market with similar apps with all the same feature set. Like UK neobank Revolut is launching in India.

If niyox needs to stay in the lead, I think the team needs to work on polishing the app.

Below is spend analysis feature from Revolut app and looks lot cleaner useful.

Hey Vaibhav,

Thanks for the feedback! We’re definitely building up towards our own version of the spend analyzer, so stay on the lookout :slight_smile:

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@NoWayOj I think adding features is one thing, but doing it right is other.
Current niyox app feels like multiple things stitched together inconsistently just to get the feature box ticked.



Yep! We’re def working towards that and will try to achieve that look. We follow Revolut closely too (I personally love their aesthetic)!

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