Urgent app balance crash please fix it

Hello @NiyoX @Wasim_Al_Basha @Deepak
Please fix my issue ticket no 1457207
Ballance dont fetch in app its crash again and again
And balance in gpay i checked different from niyo main app whats it also fix it its urgent i have to withdraw money now

Hi @iAMRITIK_420

This is certainly not the experience we wanted you to have. We’d request you to confirm if you’re facing the issue, while you’re accessing the app in mobile network.

Ranjith M

This issue is from beginning and will not be solved as I think

Hey @jvishw2

We certainly understand your discontent with the issue, it’d be great if you could check and confirm the functionality of the balance fetch in the mobile network. You should be able to access the app without any hassle.

Ranjith M

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Its confirmed while acess app please fix it

@Wasim_Al_Basha @Deepak still no solution sir about my ticket its been 3 days why about my balance

I didn’t get any reply or solution from past 3 days my ticket no 1457207
My issue is that there is balance difference in googlepay check and niyo global app check the difference is about 138 rs
If you don’t settle this small amout what you do with big amount finance
And see that niyo don’t know about this difference or transaction and their team don’t know math and finance system
what buisness or company you are running your app is lag sometimes no reply from you on customer feedback nothing you shoud do some basics and learn how to do
Very poor service we get from past years and you advertised like we are the best we have this that blah blah… but people know f**ked up serveice we get

Improve your management and service to become successful otherwice this bank will sink due to your service and finance
I hope all the issues you resolved on time
#feedback #niyo-global-by-sbm #community#verybadservice

Hello @iAMRITIK_420! Upon checking, there was a credit of 15000 INR in your account on 04th OCT. On 05t OCT, you made an ATM transaction of 14908.03 INR. Kindly update the Niyo Global By SBM app and you should be able to check the updated Balance. -WB

Brother i don’t discuss about transaction i want to know about difference between gpay balance check and app balance now

Hey @iAMRITIK_420

Kindly check your inbox, we’ve responded to you with a request for few details.

Ranjith M