#UnlockXtra with NiyoX. Transact and win Cashback!

Hello everyone!

We are very excited to announce that over 25,000 Niyo Equitas accounts have been created! This is a very encouraging landmark to hit, especially just 25 days after our market launch.

We’d like to thank all of you who have jumped onboard so far, and are looking forward to seeing many more of you on NiyoX soon!

To celebrate this milestone, we are launching a series of rewards :money_with_wings: :moneybag: :money_with_wings: :moneybag:for all of our users to avail. This is your opportunity to get Xtra from NiyoX! Here’s what we’ve got in store for you:


  • This campaign will be live from 21st April to 7th May 2021.
  • All rewards will be credited by 12th May 2021.
  • The ₹1000 account load reward is valid from 1st May 2021 only.

For UPI Spends, Learn how to Create your UPI ID with your Niyo Equitas Account here.

To know more on the Xtra rewards with mutual fund investments on NiyoX, click here.

Not a Niyo Equitas customer yet? Join us today! Download the NiyoX app to get started with your very own 2-in-1 Savings Account.

Android users can download NiyoX here.

iOS users can download NiyoX here.

Keep an eye on this space for more updates very soon!


Important T&Cs:

  1. Only applicable for NiyoX customers.

  2. Niyo reserves the right to change/modify the offer at any point of time without any prior notice.

  3. All cashbacks will be deposited in Niyo Equitas Savings account.

  4. Cashbacks are only applicable for the first time a customer qualifies the criteria.

  5. To be eligible for the 2nd reward of ₹100 cashback, the user needs to complete payment of Lumpsum/ SIP investment using Niyo Equitas account between 21st April - 7th May. This reward is not applicable for users with existing investments on Niyo Money, Niyo IDFC or NiyoX.

  6. To be eligible for the 4th reward, the user must complete their biometric KYC and get the Platinum VISA Debit card, if not done already.

  7. Rewards will be applicable if the user fulfils the given conditions in one single transaction.

  8. User will be eligible for only one reward per transaction, the reward with the higher monetary value will be considered.

  9. Maximum account loads rewards value will not exceed ₹250.

  10. The ₹1000 account load reward is valid from 1st May 2021 only.


To be eligible for the 2nd reward of ₹100 cashback, the user needs to complete payment of Lumpsum/ SIP investment using Niyo Equitas account between 21st April - 5th May.
Regarding this post
What is the minimum amount for investment in lumpsum/SIP INVESTMENT

Hi Nitesh,
Thanks for reaching out. There is no minimum amount condition for either SIP or lumpsum investment to get qualified for the reward.

You can choose to invest any amount that best suits your investment plan; just ensure that the investment amount is greater than the minimum investment amount allowed by the mutual fund scheme selected by you.

For upi transfer cashback from which upi it should be on by Google pay app aur through which app we have to the transaction

Hi Sidhant,
Thanks for reaching out. For the cashback offer of spending via UPI, you can use any UPI App of your choice(GPay, PhonePe, etc). The only thing to keep in mind is that account with you make the UPI transaction has to be Niyo Equitas Savings Account.


I open my account about one week ago and I already have more then 25000 amount in my account.
So, am I eligible for the 1st cash back offer?

No because offers starts from Today.

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So if I add 25000 now then,am I eligible for that?

Yes, I think that so

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Hi Partha,
Thanks for reaching out. The offer is live from 21st April to 5th May 2021. For the cashback offer of a minimum Load of ₹ 25000, you will be only eligible if the amount is credited between 21st April to 5th May. @Sidhant was correct to tell you that you will eligible if you add ₹25000 now in your account.

For the 3rd offer on UPI, is any UPI transfer eligible for this or merchant transactions only considered.
For 4th offer on debit card, is adding money to wallet using the debit card eligible for the offer?

Hello Team,
Haven’t completed the Full KYC because of difference between permanent and current address.

  1. Deposited 25K on 06:45 PM as of today. Am I eligible for cashback, When will it be deposited ?

  2. Can I access NetBanking facility for making mutual fund transaction without Full KYC, The bank website doesn’t allow.
    Please guide, Wishing Best

Hi @Akash_Jain,
Thanks for reaching out.

  1. If you credit ₹25000 or more to your Niyo Equitas Savings Account any time between 21st April to 5th May 2021, you will be eligible for this offer. Since you deposited ₹ 25000 to your Niyo Equitas Savings Account today, you are eligible for the cashback offer. All cashbacks will be credited to your Niyo Equitas Savings Account by May 12th.

  2. Your NetBanking should be working even without full KYC. We would like to get this checked and solved for you, please share your registered mobile number with us. You can contact @Lucky regarding this.
    Meanwhile, we would highly recommend you to complete your mutual fund investment using UPI. In case you need any help on setting up UPI, you can refer to the process here.

Hi @Riju,
Thanks for reaching out. The offer on UPI transactions is only applicable for Merchant transactions. The offer on VISA Platinum card transaction is only applicable for E-commerce or POS transactions. Adding money to wallet using debit card will not be eligible for the offer.

Hi Pranav, Kshiti and the other members of the NiyoX team. I wanted to thank you guys to resolve the issue of the imported investments not being reflected in the system, has been resolved. I was wondering if I add to my existing funds that were imported in the NiyoX system, would I qualify for the promotion carried out currently to drive the investment through the NiyoX system?

Also whether the payment for the same needs to made from the NiyoX bank account or the it can be made from the bank account registered in the folio?

Apart from that I would like to know if the account balance needs to be maintained to 25,000 till the 6th of May 2021 to qualify for the promotion campaign.

Hi @Chirag_Shah
Yes, you can make your first investment on NiyoX in the fund which you have imported to your NiyoX account and still be eligible to get cash back. However, do ensure that the payment for same is done from your Niyo Equitas bank account only to be eligible for same. You can also refer to additional details regarding this reward here.

Regarding your query on rewards for loading ₹25000, to be eligible for this offer, you need to load your account with ₹25000 between 21st April to 5th May. However, to reap the best benefits from your NiyoX account and get industry best interest rates on your savings, we recommend you maintain and keep adding on to this balance.

Balances above ₹ 1 lakh will earn you an interest of 7% per annum.

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Hi. I have a query.

Once the account is credited with INR 25000 or more within 21st April 2021 to 5th May 2021, how long do I need to keep that money into my account to be eligible for the offer?

Or can I just remove INR 25000 from my NiyoX Equitas bank account the next day once credited to be eligible for the offer?

Please let me know.

O think there is no time limit you just have to add that’s all and you can transfer the hole amount after adding then also you are eligible.

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Technically yes… but we would request you not to do that :slight_smile:


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