Create UPI ID for your NiyoX account

UPI is quick, easy and efficient just like the NiyoX App ! Here’s how you can set up A UPI ID for your NiyoX account and do instant/real-time fund transfers:

UPI (1)

1.Open a third party UPI app(Gpay, PhonePe, etc), tap “Add Bank Account” and select “Equitas” as your bank
2. The app will fetch your Account details. Proceed further
3. Enter the last 6 digits of your Debit/ ATM card and the expiry date. (You can use your virtual debit card available in your NiyoX app or your VISA Platinum debit card)
4. Set your UPI Pin
5. Set Niyo Equitas Savings Account as your primary account


humko nahi mila reward

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Hi Rahul,

Cashbacks will be created by EOD.


Humko nahi mila re what

There should be in app provision. Hope you guys bring that ASAP.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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International transition
Please tell yes /No
me i not Confirm

Hey @Mahesh_Mahi . Firstly, welcome to Niyo community. Assuming if you’re talking about whether VISA Platinum Debit card will work for International transactions or not! Yes, it will work for international transactions. You’ll have to firstly enable International Transactions under card locks section in NiyoX. Further you’ll have to contact Equitas Bank customer care at 18001031222 and inform them to enable international transactions for your debit card. Hope this helps!


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Can we add mandates for IPO using the UPI. I have been declined twice.