Xtended Cashback Rewards: Make the most on your Mutual Fund investments!

Hello everyone!

As few of you might be already aware, we have extended our rewards program til June 15th 2021 to show our gratitude for all the love that you guys have given to NiyoX. Sharing below a ready reckoner on how to make your first mutual fund investments on NiyoX truly rewarding.

How to get ₹100 cashback:

  1. Complete your first mutual fund investment on NiyoX. You can choose to invest either using SIP or Lumpsum as per your investment mode preference.
  2. No minimum investment amount. You can choose to invest any amount that best suits your investment plan.
  3. You need to complete your investment payment using your Niyo Equitas account only. Any payments done using any other bank a/c will not be eligible for cashback.
  4. Ensure that payment for 1st SIP or Lumpsum investment is successfully completed during the campaign duration of 1st June 2021 - 15th June 2021. You will not be eligible for cashback in case you set up the SIP but do not pay for the first SIP during the campaign period.

Quick Tip - As soon as you register for your SIP, use ‘Pay for SIP now’ option to avoid missing out on ₹100 cashback

Important T&Cs

  1. Applicable only for the first mutual fund investment on NiyoX. This reward is not applicable for users with existing investments on Niyo Money, Niyo IDFC or NiyoX
  2. This campaign will be live from 1st June 2021 - 15th June 2021. All rewards will be credited by 22nd June 2021
  3. Niyo reserves the right to change/modify the offer at any point of time without any prior notice.
  4. All cashbacks will be deposited in Niyo Equitas Savings account.
  5. Cashbacks are only applicable for the first time a customer qualifies the criteria.

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