Deposit casback not receive 250 Rs

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I have not got 200 cashback for loading 26000 for first time on 27/04/2021 in my Equitas A/c.Also I have spend 1000 On 4th may and also completed Kyc on 9 April 2021.I have not got 50 cashback for it,total cash back didn’t receive is 250 Rs.Kindly check and credit back my Cashback ASAP.

Hi @Dharm9599 ,

You will receive a cashback of 250 soon.

I load 25001 on 7 May but not received Cashback. Why ?

Hey Ravi! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We see that the cashback reward has already reached your NiyoX Savings Bank account. Kindly login to the app and check, the balance should be updated there. LK

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