Unable to withdraw

Unable to withdraw or transfer money from Niyo Card. I am trying to withdraw money from my niyo card internationally but I am unable to do it. I also tried transferring to my bank in the USA but unable to do it. Need urgent help.

Hey @Priyansh_Udani! Welcome to Niyo Community!

As we checked your transaction details, we’ve noticed that you’ve tried to make a PoS Cash Advance transaction. Currently, such transactions are not allowed on Niyo Global by DCB card. We’d request you to try withdrawing from any ATM. Kindly note, that there will be an ATM withdrawal fee of 100+GST.

Also, the fund transfer to international accounts is not permitted. Currently, the funds can be transferred only to Indian bank accounts. We recommend you use the card for PoS (Swipe)/Online transactions.


Hi @Deepak
Thank you for the information. But I am still unable to withdraw money in dollars from an ATM. Can you help me with this?

Hi @Priyansh_Udani, we have requested your details over DM kindly do share with us the details so that we can get this checked further.