Unable to make international purchase with Digital Visa Classic Card of NiyoX

I opened a digital Account on NiyoX on 24.06.21 and biometric KYC done on 25.06.21. I was given a Digital Visa Classic Card, but I cannot make payments outside India with the card. Recently I also opened a digital Account with Kotak 811 and they have given me the debit card in their app after 2 days of biometric KYC and I can purchase items internationally with that card. I haven’t received their physical debit card also. Please send me the Platinum Visa Card at least in the NiyoX app so that I can make international purchase with the card. Physical Platinum Debit Card of NiyoX should also come within 10 days from the date of Biometric KYC.

Sumit Ghoshal

Customer ID: 9227596

Hi @Smtsl ,
It will take 15 working days for your physical card to be delivered post that that you will be eligible for international transactions. As the physical debit card is directly dispatched from Equitas Small Finance bank HQ we would request you to kindly get in touch with them at 1800 103 1222 on working days between 9 AM to 6 PM or send a mail to customerservice@equitas.com mentioning your concern and the team will do their best to help you.


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