Unable to complete KYC for existing Niyo card because of passport file number

I have an existing Niyo Global account that was working till January 2022. Now I am not able to log into the Niyo benefits app because it’s global card and I am not able to complete KYC as I don’t have Passport File number on my USA passport. How do I access the card?

Hey @Gargi_Dasgupta! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Currently, Niyo benefits services are stopped. Alternatively, you may download Niyo DCB app and try accessing your account.
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=niyo+dcb+bank&c=apps
App Store: ‎Niyo DCB on the App Store

For Niyo Global by SBM, we need a passport issued/renewed in India.