NEFT not processed on Niyo

I transferred a sum of 100k and 50k from different banks to Niyo, it has been more than 24 hrs i haven’t recived the amount in Niyo Global account or the source bank. I checked with the source bank (100k and 50k done from different banks) and both banks confirmed the transaction was succesful but Niyo didn’t show up any amount. When i contacted the live help chat on Niyo they assured that this is a server issue and by today EOD i will receive the money (which i still haven’t), i also asked them for a call back from someone superior which they told me they will arrange (which never really came through) i am flying in few hours and i have my 1.5 Lakhs inr stuck in Niyo, kindly look into it and provide me with an solution asap.

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We recommend you to allow time till today 5th October 2022 end of the day, for the funds to get processed to the beneficiary account or reversed to the source account. In case of delay reach out to us here. We’ll pitch in and have this checked for you.

Ranjith M

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I am facing the same issue. I transferred 1.5L via NEFT earlier today. But it is still not reflecting in my Niyo DCB account, even after 4 hours.

Could you please look into it? I am traveling to the US and the lack of fund is creating a huge issue for me. This is the second issue I am running into with Niyo within 2 days.

The UTR number for the transaction is N273232662384272.