The fundamental issues with Niyo Global SBM

Niyo Global

The app interface is modern and beautiful, but the main problem is with banking partner.

SBM bank ,which has very bad reputation, even their customer support is not upto the mark .

So why SBM ?
IT has better saving interest, have airport lounge facility, free debit card ,global presence.

But most of people facing many problem specially when they are out of the country.
Imagine someone only carry this card with him and few cash … and if any problem arise then he can’t even back to India…

The main purpose of this card to travel, to visit different country but if people face this type of problem then it’s useless.

I have niyox (Equitas SFB) which is very good ,never had an issue .
But then Why people choose niyo global :thinking:

Please fix a serious meeting with Sbm and try to solve this problem…

For your info ,finin, a neo bank :bank: with Sbm can’t even acquire customers, have issue like upi linking , so please try to solve or find better banking partner to grow.

@Viren Sir

@Deepak Sir Please have a look on it

Hey @Biswajit_Das, Inconvenience regretted! We’ve made a note of your feedback and we will definitely work on them to deliver a better user experience in all aspects. If you have any issues regarding the UPI linking please write to us at or reach out to us via In-app support. Our team will be happy to assist you better. For any help, you may reach out to us and we are happy to assist you.

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