Stuck with "Prcoessing your wealth account" for 5 days

It’s been over 5 days since I created an account on Niyo global, and it’s still stuck at “Processing your wealth account”. I have attached the screenshot. Can I get a resolution on this as soon as possible, please?

Same has happened to me, let me know if yours gets fixed.

Hey @sumedhpb! Welcome to Niyo Community!

A few of our users are facing this issue. Our team is working on it. Kindly note, that it’s taking slightly longer time than expected. However, we are following up on this and will have this fixed.

@Snehil your case has been already escalated. We’ll connect with you on receiving an update.


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Thank for the reply @Deepak ; Any update on my issue so far? May I know by when this issue will get resolved?

@sumedhpb Can you please retry now and check if you are able to proceed further?

@Deepak I am still hitting into the same issue after retrying now. I even tried uninstalling my app and starting over again - it didn’t help.

@sumedhpb Thanks for confirming. We’ve reported the same. Kindly allow us some more time to have this escalated once again.

Issue fixed now? Mine is showing wait for 4-5 days .

Hey @sohail_dhanda! Welcome to Niyo Community! We see that your CKYC through Niyo Money has been completed on the 15th of May. We kindly request you to wait for 5 days and then retry. If the issue still persists, please let us know and we’ll have that investigated.


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Okay , but I have to travel and would like to get it at the earliest. Also after account creation it’ll take more time for shipping of physical card.

We understand your concern. Behalf of you we are constantly following up with our team to have this fixed. Unfortunately, it’s taking a longer time than expected. In the meanwhile, you may try NiyoX

I would like to get niyo global by sbm bank not the niyox. Is there any issue right now with onboarding of new customers with ckyc?

A few of the users are facing this onboarding issue. It has been highlighted to our team and they are working on it. As it’s taking a longer time than expected, we’ve asked you to try NiyoX as it offers 0 forex mark-up charges that may help you with your international transactions.

If you guys are having so many issues just with the onboarding process I would have to go with the other card issuers . Even after receiving call from your customer care I have not got any eta and the app still shows 4-5 days eta. Kindly issue me a legit eta else close my application for niyo global and I’ll just get some other forex card.

I was finally able to onboard; I got a mail today from the Niyo team that my issue has been resolved. I was able to create my Niyo global account successfully.

Thank you @Deepak and everyone else.

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Thanks for confirming @sumedhpb! Stay safe!


Even i’m having the same issue. My friend created the account it didn’t take time at all and for mine it’s showing 5-7 days. Please look into it.

Hey @Shemoile_Qureshi! Welcome to Niyo Community!

The account creation is taking a slightly longer time for a few of the users. It may take up to 5-7 business days and we kindly request you to wait until then. Rest assured, we’ll help you with this.


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Hi, I am facing the same issues, and no response from live chat and email for the past 2 days. The email before stated it will still take 5-7 working days. Could you please look it the issue and resolve it asap as I have a trip soon.

It has been 3 months niw still showing same processing your wealth account check back in 5-7 days and now the customer service is also not available on chats may i know still how many days or weeks or months or years it will take you to solve the technical issue ?