Singpore Travel tips

Following are some tips to save money and enjoy while holidaying in Singapore -

  1. Use Niyo credit card for zero forex charges

  2. Buy a prepaid local SIM when you land in Changi airport at following locations. It should cost around 10-20 SGD. I bought Starhub. It will be cheaper than enabling international roaming.

  3. Keep some SGD cash. You can draw in Changi airport itself, as there are many ATMs there.

  4. Use GRAB app to book rides. It is cheaper than the hotel cab services.

  5. Book your return flights in the evening and spend some time in Changi airport. It has lot of fun activities and food courts, besides the indoor water fall.

  6. Food is expensive, try to find 7/11 near your hotel. Their ready-to-eat (heat in microwave) are cheap and tasty and you get lot of options, like chicken biryani is around 4 SGD. Other options rice-curry, sandwich, burger, noodles etc. They have microwaves in the store it self, so you can heat and eat right there.

  7. Buy EZ link card - per person. This is around 10 SGD. I think 5 SGD are added to account. This can be returned and balance amount is refunded. You can use this for travelling in MRT. It can also be used in some stores. This is better than using credit cards as service charges is levied.

  8. Electronics are not cheaper than India, so don’t buy unless you need it at the moment.

  9. Try to book your stay in Havelock as it has multiple options and is centrally located and has MRT nearby.

  10. You can buy eatables from Dollar shops at low cost

  11. If you planning on visiting Sentosa island, you can save on rides by purchasing fun pass. It needs to be purchased online.

  12. If you prefer to travel by bus, you can look into hop on hop off bus. Though I would recommend using metro as it is cheaper and more convenient.

  13. If you have the time, you should definitely experience a cruise. There are many options available, and they will drop you in Malaysia/Philippines/Thailand.

This is follow up post to Singapore Itinerary.

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