Regarding Spare change investment

So for a few days I have been eyeing this app called spenny.
It automatically reads your transaction messages and invests the rounded up money to nearest 10. For example say you spend 23 rs via UPI so the next 10 is 30
So it puts that 7rs for investment.
Once your total reaches 100 the money goes into a liquid fund.
But this app does not support Equitas or NiyoX as of now.
Since you guys are a 2 in 1 app too, a similar feature or at least compatibility with Spenny app would be amazing to go a long way I think.

Hey Kaushik!

Welcome to the Niyo Community! :partying_face:
Thanks for writing to us about this. Stay tuned, we have something similar coming up in July! :innocent:

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@Aswathy_Nambiar Can I know what’s the approximate timeframe that has been set to make the invest the change feature live on NiyoX app?

Hi Gokul, not sure if you have checked it out yet but it is live now. :partying_face: It is called Invest the Change and can be accessed via the Investments screen. Give it a spin and let us know your feedback.

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