Problem with imported mutual fund

I imported my existing mutual fund portfolio from PayTm money to NiyoX.
I did this so it would be easy to track everything in one place.
But even after the SIP the amount has not been updated in NiyoX app so the returns are being shown in a wrong percentage according to my investment so I still have to check 2 apps.
Please see if this can be solved.

Hey @Kaushik9814 . It is good to see you back in the community :grinning:! I request you to kindly drop a mail at to get your issue resolved at a faster pace.

If you have further queries, feel free to reach out again!

Hi @Kaushik9814, sorry about the hassle. SIPs (the instruction for monthly investments) are registered with brokers/investment platforms (in your case Paytm Money) and cannot be transferred by importing the portfolio to us. You will have to stop the SIP on Paytm Money and restart it here.
About SIP amounts not being updated - since the SIP has not been transferred to update the SIP investment you will have to send us your ECAS every month (after the SIP instalment has been processed) and then we can update it.
I would recommend stopping the SIP on Paytm Money and starting it here after importing your latest ECAS. Hope this helps.


Great information :+1: i was also about to ask the same question in a few days time thanks for the entire clarification in a lucid way :hugs:



Thanks a lot for the solution!

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