Tell us! What do you consider before investing your money?

Investing your money may be one of the most effective ways to help you build long-term wealth.

While it can seem overwhelming at times, given the numerous options available, the truth is you don’t need to be a financial expert to be successful at it. But as Warren Buffet says: “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” so understanding the basics is important.

To help better prepare you and potentially help you with suitable options, we want to know what are the things you currently consider before setting money aside or committing to an investment?
Answer this poll and let us know:

  • I consider my financial goals
  • Most of my investments are to save taxes
  • I weigh the expected risk and rewards before making any investment
  • Most of my investments are based on advice from friends and family
  • Most of my investments are based on news reports and other online advice
  • I don’t invest
  • Others

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a lot of things niyox developer can do to make customer friendly
1-There should be a option to add money through debit/credit card.
2-Neox community should be open in NiyoX app, not in browser.
3-App rendering again and again ,if you do back it will render again…this should be fixed.
4-every time i want to see CVV it ask for otp, it should not ask for otp again and again …it can be protected by mobile password or app pincode.


Hi Shashikant,

  1. We’re adding an option to add money directly via UPI to start with, hope that would solve the problem! We’re looking into the DC/CC scenario
  2. Which link is this? It’s supposed to open in the app, so there’s a bug in your case. Can you share the exact scenario and also whether you’re using Android/iOS
  3. Can you elaborate?
  4. We understand the painpoint here and are trying to get it changed

Thanks for the detailed feedback!


Hey @NoWayOj . Regarding #2 mentioned by Shashikant. I’ve an another suggestion. Well, for me it is opening in the app and the webview is working perfectly fine. But the thing is, once you open Niyo community webpage through the app, there’s no way to exit the webpage, one has to click the back button multiple times if he performs multiple operations in the community webpage. So, I suggest you to add an exit button in the community webpage which will lead to NiyoX homepage. If that is tough to do so, you may atleast create an overlay button in the NiyoX app which will pop-up when we enter the community page and on clicking the overlay button, it will lead us back to NiyoX homepage.
Hope you take this suggestion into consideration. (Btw, I’m using Android)

Stay safe,

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@NoWayOj for point 3, i also created topic with same feedback, its the refresh that is happening once you switch tabs. You can try to switch between savings tab and investment tab and whole screen will be covered in the loading icon overlay.

Please check points that i mentioned in below post:


Got it, thanks for the feedback and suggestions @jainashrith and @vaibhav376!

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So @NoWayOj Any update on the adding money via CC & DC?

CC & DC will take a while - we’ll be starting with UPI and you should see that option soon!