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Hi my full KYC is done and my 3 friend kyc is also done we also get a card and after receiving the card on 20 may so we 4 friends go to our bank branch of equtias as you know Chandigarh sector 22 after we talk with (staff of equtias) firstly they told me your kyc is not done so we have to kyc after that you can get passbook and other staff is come to me and trying to kyc on tablet and he says your kyc is already done but the sign does not update and also they are trying to update of sign nothing happens after that they ask how do you open your account, so I told Their are app called name NiyoX how kyc done and get card also show my card but they don’t know About Niyox or account so they say asl after 2-3 Week I’ll talk with my seniors,

Now what to do how i get paasbook?

Hey Naveen! Please note that we are not providing a passbook for your NiyoX account as of now. We will keep you informed if we are able to provide the same in the future. LK


It would be better if digital passbooks are provided too. My assigned branch is 200+ Kms from my hometown!

Hi Mohammad

We’re working on a feature to allow you to generate and download your bank statements in various formats for different time ranges.

Look out here for more updates.


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