Question about debit card

Niyox Equitas is a zero balance account with no amc charges. Suppose a customer has fd but account balance is zero then after debit card charges due date will negative balance go to negative and will this impact credit score? For waiving of charges one needs to contact Niyo team when fd is maturing?

Hello @billubakra!

NiyoX by Equitas is indeed a zero balance savings account, which means you don’t need to maintain any specific balance. If your account has an FD but the balance is zero and you incur debit card charges, it’s essential to deposit funds to cover this temporarily negative balance. It’s worth noting that a brief negative balance in your bank account typically doesn’t impact your credit score, as credit scores are primarily associated with credit accounts like credit cards and loans, rather than deposit accounts such as savings or current accounts.

For the process of waiving off fees, you can reach out to the dedicated NiyoX team at They will be able to provide you with specific guidance on handling fees and any other account-related queries. Thank you!

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Thanks Sir. If the balance is zero then how will one know that debit card charges have been levied and the balance is in negative? App does not show negative balance or anything like that.