Purchasing from Apple.com online store in the US

Does the Niyo global signature Visa card work on apple.com (US store)?

While adding payment method the billing address must be one in the US so I was wondering if this is validated and could it cause the transaction to fail.

Hey @akshit1! Yes, Niyo Global by SBM works on apple.com As the INR will be converted to US dollars based on the live visa exchange rate, there shouldn’t be any transaction-related issues.


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Hey Deepak, that’s not the issue I’m highlighting.

I understand the currency conversion is not an issue but will a US billing address cause the transaction to be rejected as the card is issued to an Indian address?

As per the apple forums, the billing address needs to match the card address. And apple only allows for a US address.

Hey Akshit! Yes, a few merchants set the criteria that the billing address needs to match the card address due to compliance-related policies. You may have to check with apple support to know if you can use a forex card issued in India (say, Niyo SBM) and then act accordingly.