Can Niyo card be added to Uber wallet?

I am moving from India to US and wanted to know if Niyo Global Card can be added to Uber wallet to make transactions in USD?

Would there be any additional charges?

Hey There! @Rb99 Yes, You can add your Niyo Global By SBM VISA Signature debit card to your Uber Wallet. The amount will be auto-converted while doing the transaction. Note: We follow the Live VISA Exchange Rate. You can check the same in your Niyo Global by SBM App in the currency converter section or at Currency Converter - Exchange Rate Calculator | Visa -WB

Should the Niyo card be added as an Indian or USA issued card?

Hey @akshit1! Niyo SBM issues a Visa Signature card. You’ll always be loading INR to it. The card can be used in multiple countries and currencies. Whenever you make any transaction abroad, please select the card type as local currency.


It doesn’t work in Dubai Uber for sure. They haven’t been able to resolve it yet. Please be careful. Many online apps decline payment from this card

Not great. The card is always declined on uber app and delivery app checkout. Wasted!

All settings are on. Just doesn’t work in Dubai apps

Hey @Agnesh! Welcome to Niyo Community! We are sorry about the experience you had. Feedback has been duly noted and we will have this checked with our team to understand the reason for transaction declines. We’ll try to improve our services to deliver a better user experience for you.