Problem with Account Creation

Hi am not able to create my account it says the creation is pending. But i have all of my kyc details correct and all of my id’s like pan and Aadhar have same details can anyone check what is the issue here.

@Aditya_Raj_Singh , can you please DM me your phone number and email ID used for the onboarding ?

Thanks i have sent you the Dm

Yes, I have received your details, allow us some time to troubleshoot the issue


It’s been 5 days since I’ve tried to create my account. Still there aren’t any progress. Pls help me resolve this issue.

Hey @Adhitya_Madhukar ! Could you please DM us your mobile number used for onboarding so that we can have a closer look at the same?

Hey @Adhitya_Madhukar ! We’ve got your phone number and are looking into the issue. Just hang in there while we get this sorted!

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Okay thanks @ashrithjain

Hi, I wasn’t able to create my account it was showing some CKYC thing.

I am also facing the same server down problem .please check.

Niyo onboarding failed stating CKYC not done or not updated. However it’s both done and updated. Shared the CKYC number with the team over mail, still no resolution.


I am also facing the same ckyc issue. Can you please help me out as well.

Hey @Neha_Pande ! Welcome to Niyo community. Could you please answer the follow-up questions via DM?

@Aditya_Raj_Singh @Adhitya_Madhukar did you guys had any success with account creation yet?

Hi there, I’ve also completed the setup process and been stuck here for days. Is there any way to get past this?

Thank you.

@arshie that seems like a common issue. Me and my friend have been struck on this page for like 4 days now there doesn’t seem any way forward. You could raise a ticket with and they should be able to help you out

Hi I have the same issue could you help.

I had applied for Niyo sbm global card. I had filled all the details. But in account creation section, it is showing account creation pending for the last one week.

Hey @Farhan_Ahmad ! We’re happy to have you onboard :airplane:. Stay noted that account creation is 100% digital process and automatic. No physical or manual intervention is required for the same. Request you to kindly wait until the account gets created. You’d be notified via mail once the account is created. Appreciate your patience :person_in_lotus_position: