Payee list synchronisation between web and mobile

I’m new to Niyo and opened an account just a few days back.
I had added a payee account through the mobile App and another different payee account through web interface. However, the payee list is not synchronised across the platforms. I can’t see both the payees on either of the interface. Only the one added through the particular interface is visible on that interface.
Is it a known bug?
Any solution?

Any help is appreciated.

Hello @Charu_Chaturvedi! We’d like to connect with you over a phone call and address your concern. Please let us know a convenient time for a callback?

Thanks for your offer to talk. But i think that the issue should be resolved with the information already provided by me.
I’m again enclosing one screenshot of the mobile App and another a photo of the sbm bank website. You can clearly see that the each is showing different payee account and the list is not synchronised across there platforms.

Hello @Charu_Chaturvedi! We get your concern. Please be informed that, the Niyo Global By SBM App and SBM Bank Website is not synchronized at the moment. However, we’ve made a note of your comments and have forwarded your feedback internally. For now, you may have to add the Payee individually. - WB