Ordering forex card

@Deepak I tried depositing 5000 rs to order my forex card but the money got deducted and re-credited back to me but for 1 rupee transaction was successful. When I try transferring 5000 rs it says upi limit is 2000.Due to this I’m unable to order the card. Help me with this, can’t i transfer 5000 at a time

Hi @revanthkesagani welcome to our community! The limit for sending money through UPI for the first 24 hours is INR 5,000
The limit subsequently is INR 25,000/- per 24 hours.

For example, if you make a UPI transaction of INR 25,000/- at 10:30pm on Jan 1st, your next UPI transaction can only go through at 10:30 pm (post 24 hours) on Jan 2nd. If in case of further assistance kindly write to us at global@goniyo.com or use the Live chat support from the app. Our team will be happy to assist you better.

@Manisha_Radhakrishna Hi, but I when I tried adding 5000 rs it says the limit is only 2000 rs. why is that so ?

Hey @revanthkesagani! Would you mind trying a turnaround way for adding the funds to your account? If so, we’d request you to try adding 2000 INR at first and check if you are able to add it again. Alternatively, you may add funds from any of your accounts via IMPS/NEFT mode to your Niyo SBM account. Also, we’d request you to share a screenshot of the app where it shows the maximum limit is 2000 INR.


@Deepak I Just tried addin 2000 rs and those got added successfully. I’m attaching the sceenshot that shows the error when I tried transfering more than 2000 rs.

So @Deepak what I did now is added 2000 rs twice and 1000 rs once so that I can order the card. But for future uses this would be difficult so, can you find out what is the issue with my account or I’m I missing out on any setting ?

@Deepak any update on this ?

Hey @revanthkesagani! Thanks for your patience. As we checked from our end, we couldn’t find any limitations with the account. We kindly request you try loading the funds from a different UPI number or via IMPS/NEFT mode.


Yes even i had faced similar issues so i had to load money in 3 instalments i.e. 2000,2000 and 1000. Not sure why its such a way. Maybe Niyo team can look into this issue.

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Yes @Aaron this would be a major issue when we try to deposit money each time into the forex card.