Niyo Global Credit Card by SBM Bank

Hi, Can anyone please let me know If I will be able to Add money to my card using the UPI option while in Turkey?

Or should I add the money in advance to my SBM Bank account or Credit card?

Also, I’d like to know If I add 50K INR to my card, my credit limit would be 55K but does that also mean that at any given time I have to maintain 55K credit limit on my card? or is there a way to reduce the limit per requirement?

Thank you in advance.

Hey Rakesh,

Hope you are doing well!

Yes, you can use UPI to add money to your Niyo Global Savings account.

If you already have an initial FD of INR 5000 and you are adding 50k additional to the card without creating a new FD, you will have an available limit of INR 55k.

Please be informed that, You will be able to withdraw the amount from the ATM which is equivalent to the FD amount but you can use the whole amount for ECOM or POS transactions.

Also, if you are adding the above 50k money to the credit card without creating a new FD, you will only need to maintain the initial FD amount which is INR 5000.

Further any assistance you may write it to

Many Thanks