Not able to convert currency

Hi, I’m trying to convert from INR to AED from last 7 days and everytime I try, I don’t get any success. I have informed the same on the support like 5-7 times but I haven’t received any solution till now. Please help me with the conversion otherwise the card is of no use for me.

Hi, I opened my account just for using international transactions but I’m trying to convert INR to AED from last 1.5 weeks and I haven’t been successful in doing so. The loader opens and closes without any response. I tried reaching the support multiple times but they didn’t help me. Please help me with this or I’ll need to close the account.


Hi @Aniruddh_Agarwal, welcome to our community! this is something unusual. We have escalated your concern to our team. Please rest assured, it is expected that our team will get this checked and communicate to you at the earliest.

When I am withdrawing money from Indian ATM machine, it’s successful but when I was trying using niyo card in Singapore, it’s showing an error “your card is not able to convert the currency”. Can you please suggest me ? Why it’s happening?