Average Monthly Balance

Is there any average monthly balance i need to maintain in Niyox account. ?

Hey @JP_Vicky . Welcome to Niyo community. NiyoX is completely a Zero Balance Account. Meaning, you don’t have to maintain any average monthly balance. Add to that a wealth management account baked into NiyoX i.e Niyo Money. Overall, NiyoX is a very millennial friendly account. So, get onboard now and enjoy Zero charges on debit card for the first year if issued before 30th June 2021. I bet you, you won’t regret getting onboard to NiyoX!!


Thank you for your reply,

Kyc verification is stress because of ECOM, they shows up with faulty fingerprint scanner And says i will come tomorrow…

Hey, scheduling for a KYC is very simple, once you’ve onboarded to NiyoX, select your choice of debit card and schedule a KYC visit at your suitable time and a representative from Ecom Express will visit to your doorstep for Full KYC completion. If you’re facing any problems with completing KYC, kindly raise a ticket in NiyoX under support section and it should be resolved at the earliest.

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