Niyo SBM credit card cash withdrawal

Hey, I recently received my niyo global sbm credit card, and had a few questions related to cash withdrawal facility with the credit card

  1. What is the cash limit that I can withdraw from an ATM in any foreign country?
  2. What are the charges that I will have to pay for this?
  3. Do I need to pre load the account with the cash that I intend to withdraw?
  4. Does the cash withdrawal facility work with all ATM’s in New Zealand?
  5. What exchange rate will be applied, will be that moments INR to NZD rate or anything extra will be charged or any other dates exchange rate?

Thanks for the help.

Hey Akshay,

As the Secure Credit is issued against FD you will be able to utilize the amount that is equivilant to FD amount.

ATM transaction an amount of 300 inr plus 18% GST will be charged and for ECOM and POS there will be no charges.

The Niyo global SBM credit card are accepted in over 150+ countries except for Russia, Nepal & Bhutan where our services are restricted at the moment.

You should be able to use the card everywhere where VISA services are available.

While initiating the transactions the amount will get automatically converted to the desired currency as per the Live Visa Exchange rates.

Further You can check out the current exchange rate in your Niyo Global application under the currency converter option or you can check out the same under the Live Visa Exchange website.

Many thanks