Cash withdrawal in bali

Hi just wanted to check if I can use my niyo debit card for ATM cash withdrawal in bali or in any country and also wanted to asked how can I get free airport lounge access in Kuala Lumpur?

Is debit card international transactions banned and if yes for how much time it will be banned and also for if I apply for credit card for how much time I have take fd for and can I withdraw cash from cc and is there any extra charges for that?

Hey @Balajiguru! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Yes, you can use your Niyo Global SBM debit card for international ATM cash withdrawals. You will be charged Rs.200+GST as a transaction fee by the bank. International ATM withdrawals, POS and Tap & Pay transactions are now allowed on your SBM Niyo Global Debit Card. We’re also working with the bank to restart ECom transactions as soon as possible. Until then, you may use our FD-based Secured Credit Card for ECom transactions. Once your FD is created, you can apply for the credit card instantly. And, if you are using a credit card for ATM cash withdrawals, Rs.300+GST will be charged as a transaction fee.