Niyo global SBM can't received money in gpay

I have added Niyo global SBM as primary account to receive money in Google pay yesterday,

Today one of my friend as trying tosend some money to me but it’s showing error in processing, he was unable to send me…

Then I tried from my family’s account still error

After hours of straggle, I changed The bank and then it’s work…

I want to know why this problem is happening? If any fault from my side please let me know, or if its a bug in sytem then please try to solve it

It’s maybe because of cooldown timing in UPI.

Receiving through UPI mainly depends on 2 things -

  1. Bank Server
  2. UPI Server .

If Bank server wasn’t any issues and still couldn’t get money through UPI , Following step will be little helpful in such cases -

  1. In GPay activate all available UPI ( currently they provide 4 different types of such as your-gmail- @oksbi , @hdfcbank etc)

  2. You may try different UPI app ( Paytm, PhonePe etc)

Alternatively Send through UPI ( & also from IMPS NEFT) to Your Niyo Global ( SBM Bank) Account Number and IFSC Code.