Cannot transfer funds from the app, unable to use the debit card, cannot set-up UPI

I am facing multiple issues with the account;

  1. Tried transferring the funds form NIYO SBM account to another account but never received the OPT to complete the transaction.

  2. Tred using the visa card on amazon after enabling international and online transactions in the app. The transaction was declined saying “transaction declined by the bank.”

  3. Every time I try to set up UPI in either PhonePe or GPay or BHIM, I get an error saying “no bank account linked with the number.”

Hi @Malpotra ,

Thank you for sharing this with us. We treat feedback with the utmost care and we will take steps to improve the area you mentioned.
As of now could we request you to write your concerns to our support team? You can reach out to them from Niyo SBM App > Menu > Support. This will also help us track the queries better.


@Bansari I would love to raise a support ticket but turns out I cannot do so. And I’ve already written to the mentioned email id.

Oh Snap :confused:
My bad! Try raising the issue at ?

As the product is in beta phase you might face some hiccups, sorry for the hassle experience :frowning:

My funds are locked in the account and facing the same issues, unable to transfer funds, swipe and ATM withdrawal. I’ve been contacting your team for the past 2 weeks and not getting a proper response.

Michael Prince

Hi @Michael_Prince ,

Firstly Welcome to the Niyo Community!

Sorry to know about your experience :frowning: Could you please help us with the ticket ID so that we can look into it for you?


Hi @Bansari,
it’s been 28 days and I still cannot register for UPI. Moreover, I checked with SBM and according to them, my registered mobile number is different from what I provided NIYO with. I am not sure how this happened. but can someone please look into this?


Hi @Malpotra ,

Sorry for the hassle experience :confused: Any ticket ID that we could refer to?


I don’t have a ticket ID, but I have an ongoing email thread with, since the 7th of August.

Same problem. I’m unable to setup UPI with sbm account.

Sbm OTP not coming.

@Malpotra ,

We shall look into it for you kindly allow us sometime we shall take it from here.


@Bansari I am facing similar problems when trying to set up the UPI PIN. Turns out you guys haven’t figured out a fix. I guess one month (judging from the date when the OP was made) is enough time for a resolution. As usual, Niyo overpromises and under-delivers. By the way, I have already made my concerns known to Gunjan. And here I thought that the issue was specific to my account. What signal does this send to your existing users? I won’t be recommending Niyo to friends anytime soon.

Ticket number is 1054404

I’m facing the same issue.
Transfers using bank account details via any UPI app get declined.
Can’t setup UPI as the mobile number linked to the account isn’t mine.
Surprisingly, getting few OTPs from the same account in my phone only. Very confused as to what is going on.

Looks like niyo team doesn’t take banking seriously if the issue recurs after even a year.
@Malpotra was your issue ever resolved?

@Soumya123 it never was; I had to switch to “fi money” instead.

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Same problem for me too. Unable to send money.

Otp is not coming and adding account to upi app is not working. Says “no bank account”