UPI not available in Niyo Global by SBM Bank

UPI is not available in this bank account. When I try to add bank in any UPI app like Paytm, Google Pay or PhonePe, it says no account found. So please enable UPI in Niyo Global by SBM bank accounts.

Please recheck again with paytm or gpay. I added the account in paytm and Gpay, it works fine. But we can set the UPI pin without Debit card 4 digit pin, for 4 digit Debit card pin you need to get a Physical debit card. Thank you, enjoy with SBM i attached the paytm screenshot also, you can see

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I am getting this error in adding SBM Bank.

Hi @RD_Prajapati , UPI is available in Niyo Global by SBM. Prima facie It looks like some tech failure at the bank’s end. I would suggest you to try after some time or click on the " Yes, Link automatically Later option" . DM me if you still face any issue.

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Hey its working fine now, now you can add to any 3rd party UPI app. Just now I tried with phonepe, working fine. If you have a physical Debit card, you can create a UPI pin with ATM pin. If you don’t order not yet, order it and generated ATM 4 digit pin to create an UPI pin.

Hey @Arun_Kumar , glad to hear it is working!
DM me If you would like to tell me what you liked in the product and what can be improved.

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Unable to add account in UPI application.

Hey @Rajat_Prajapati, when i wave my hand to hind and unhide the balance its not vibrating.
2) its not signing out. I tried many times
3) please bring automatic refresh for balance.

Hey @Arun_Kumar . Kindly read this thread to use the Wave feature properly : Pssst....Did you know you could hide your BALANCE with a WAVE? 👋 - #15 by ashrithjain

If you need further help, feel free to reach out again!

The feature is working fine. While i wave my hand the mobile is not vibrating.

Hey i ordered an global signature card. Also can i get the passport holder? With the card. I saw the unboxing picture, he got the passport holder

Hey @Arun_Kumar . Kindly turn off your Battery Saver feature in order for all the functionalities in your device to work properly. Else, if your battery is low, kindly charge your device.

Hey @Arun_Kumar . Every welcome kit contains Niyo Global VISA Signature “Tap & Pay” debit card, T&C document, SOC document and a Passport holder so that you travel in style! :airplane:

But the vibration working fine with NiyoX and Niyo global DCB.

Please bring Tap and pay feature for Niyo Global DCB also

Still SBM bank account is not adding in any UPI app, no account found error.

Same for me.:pensive:
Hope the team solve the issue ASAP.

Spend Globally, Save Locally! Unable to link the SBM bank account with upi applications. It is stating that no account present on this mobile number. I have already ordered the visa signature debit card and also set the pin. Still unable to add with any upi app. Please look into the issue. Thanks.

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Hey Ketaki! Kindly DM us your registered number so that we can quickly get this checked for you. LK

Got it!
Thanks for the feedback

I want to use UPI but it requires ATM pin. Card will be delivered on 8th Aug. And reset PIN is recommending to set pin when I receivethe card. So what should I do ? can you dispatch the card card faster as Delivery tracking is showing they have not received/pick up the card yet