Increase credit card available amount without FD


I have been using the niyo global credit card and was very happy with the card until recently, when I came to realise that the option to increase the available amount in the credit card without placing FD has been removed.

Dear team if I have already placed an FD of Rs.25000 I am aware that I can use that limit for ATM withdrawal upto the limit amount. But what is the issue with the bank if I want to pay additional funds in the card and use that amount for online or POS transactions as I will be using my funds over and above the limit of the credit card.

So this decision to remove the option of additional payment to the credit card without FD makes no sense.

Please get the previous option back of paying additional funds in the credit card and utilising it for online or POS transactions over and above the credit limit

Hi @Vishal6891 ,

Apologies for the inconvenienced caused,

Unfortunately, there is no option to increase the limit without creating a fixed deposit (FD), as the bank has removed this feature. Currently, if you wish to increase your limit, you will need to top up the limit by creating an FD.