Niyo global card transactions refused in & amazon

I purchased niyo global card 5 days back. We tried making payment for the first time in and amazon which didn’t work out. All required locks are enabled.

Please help.

Hey @Swati_Gupta ! Welcome to Niyo Community.

We regret the inconvenience. (1) Upon checking, the ECOM transaction of the amount of 13.11 USD with the merchant “Taxis on Booking London GB” was declined because Merchant is not integrated with Standing Instruction (SI) payments, as per the new RBI guidelines. We request you to delete the card details that you have added to the merchant’s site and try a one-time payment to avail of their services.

(2) We request you to retry the transaction with merchant “AMAZON MUMBAI IN”. It should go through. In case, any issue persists, kindly take a screenshot of the error message and share it to our inapp chat support team through the Niyo SBM App. We’re here to assist.- WB

Thanks @Wasim_Al_Basha for the quick response . I don’t have any card detail saved in Still facing same issue while making payment. Please check screenshot attached and assist on the same.

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