About using the card on Booking.com

Hi, does the Niyo global (SBM) card work for scheduled payment on Booking.com? I have booked a couple hotels for my trip to Bangkok and the payment is scheduled to done before my stay there.

Hey @Nigam! Welcome to Niyo Community!

The scheduled transactions with the above merchant i.e Booking.com may not be successful. This is because the merchant has an authentication issue due to which the scheduled transactions may result in failure.


I see…it’s giving me an option to pay now. Will that work?

@Nigam You might get the “Pay Now” option but the transaction may not be successful here.

…is it a problem for the Niyo card alone or just about any debit card in general?

@Nigam As per the RBI guidelines, it is recommended not to use debit cards at hotels during check-in and also at other locations where paying arrangement is done before completion of the purchase transaction or service.

@Deepak : But you promote it on the niyo homepage with a large 10% off banner?

Please attach the RBI regulation you mention.