Niyo global card how to get it

Hello ,

I have been trying to get a Niyo global card. Had applied via app and download niyo global beta version app to sign in and see. my account couldn’t get create because of kyc conditions couldn’t meet. Not really sure whats wrong.

Please do help me how I can order this card. If any agent contact number please do share.

I’m staying currently in Bangalore!
Appreciate your help because this is bit urgent which I wanted to get it done before I leave to France.

Thank you!

@Deepa62924982 You won’t be able to onboard for now if you do not meet the CKYC conditions.

Alternatively you can go with NiyoX-Equitas, as it also offers 0 forex markup card now.

What are requirements of CKYC.

Can I use niyox card for my foreign studies?

Hi @Deepa62924982,

Yes, you’ll be able to use your NiyoX card for all foreign transactions (including the ones for your study) as it offers pretty much the same features as Niyo Global at the moment.
Also, you’ll be able to sign up quickly and complete your physical kyc with it unlike the ckyc required for niyo global.



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Just to add to what aditya said, going forward, you would have to maintain 5k minimum balance to avail the 0 forex charges. I guess the date is 31st December, 2021.