Niyo Global Card for unserviceable areas

Hello Niyo Community,

Is there any way to get Niyo Global Card for the people who doesn’t live in metro cities? I am planning to go for Studies abroad and I would like to carry this card with me.

I know that the onboarding procedure for this card is on hold right now, but is there any way to get the card in unserviceable areas after the process resumes? I am ready to travel to major cities to get my KYC done. I hope there is some way with which you could help me get the card.

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Hey @kotharivineet27! Welcome to Niyo Community.

Thank you for showing your interest towards Niyo Global Card. As you are already aware that the onboarding procedure is on-hold due to product enhancements, we’ll notify all our beloved customers once we are live and ready to onboard. We are also planning to extend our services to various other cities. Stay tuned to Niyo for more updates.


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Hi Vineet,

We are launching Niyo Global enhanced variant which can be availed anywhere in India. This is going live 1st week of July.


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Thanks! @Vinay_Bagri
Appreciate your support!


  1. what is mean by Niyo Global enhanced varient? Can i get that card too?
  2. when Niyo will launch Zero forex for Niyox Equitas.
    Please can you answer for this.
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Hi Arun,

NiyoX will have a Zero forex markup card which would be available before 31st August. Anyone having monthly average balance above 25K (for any 1 month) would be able to upgrade free of cost.


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Then you guys need to courier the card to Europe. I might leave india before August.

Mr. Vinay, please can you add NFC feature to Niyo global card, sometimes it will be useful to use in metro.

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If you are leaving early, pls go ahead and apply for Niyo Global beta product that would be available 1st week July. Thanks


@Vinay_Bagri This 25k requirement is on one calendar month (1st-30th) or it can be 30 days from now if I load and maintain 25k from today itself. I’m ready to meet the requirement and keep the threshold not to slip below 25k for the specified time.

Hi, Its any calendar month so 1st July to 31st July etc. Regards

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Will it also have 0 maintenance charges like the normal card right now?

Yes, NiyoX offerings remain same,

0 maintenance fees
0 MF commission
7% interest on balances between 1lac & 1crs

The debit card would be activated to ZERO forex markup if 25K AMB is maintained in any one calendar month of the year.

Hope this clarifies.


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What’s the fees for the card?

There is NO fees on the card.

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I mean if I wasn’t able to maintain 25k in my balance then how much is the charges I pay for the issuance of the card and when is this card gonna be launched

What’s the update on this?

Hi @kotharivineet27 There have been some slight delays, we’ll keep you posted on the same.


Is Niyo Global Enhanced variant going live this month or should I go for another forex card as I am leaving for masters next month? Please don’t give a diplomatic answer like before, some clarification on the same would be appreciated!

Hey @kotharivineet27 . We’re launching a brand new 100% digital savings zero forex markup account by next month. Stay tuned for more updates :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi Niyo Team,

I will be leaving on the 30th of July. How do I enroll for the Beta version if the Forex Card is not available by then?

When will the product be launched so I can make alternate arrangements by then?
Please provide a contact number also that is working. None of the customer care contact numbers are working, including the Whatsapp contact.

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