Niyo Global Account has been not created still

Hi Team,

It’s been already a week now, but my niyo global account creation is still on process and not yet been completed. Could you please let us know, why is it taking you people so much time, while others can get their account creation process completed in a instant. I need this account to be created in another 1 day . Please let me know, if you could help me on this ASAP.

Hey @Savitha_Kamath

A warm welcome to our Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a known issue. Our team is working predominantly to bring a fix. Hence, we’re unable to confirm a timeline considering the nature of the issue. We’ll inform you once the issue is resolved. Alternatively, you may check out NiyoX or Niyo DCB if you have an immediate plan on the go.

Ranjith M