Can't send money

I am unable to send money through any mode . I have not done full kyc and i have already send 20,000 this month . I opened my account on may 3 . When i will able to transfer money again?

Hey Udit! Welcome to the Niyo Community!
The monthly outward fund transfer limit is a maximum of Rs.20,000 for biometric pending accounts. You should be able to transfer again by next month.

Once you have completed the Biometric verification of your account, the revised limits would be:
► Cooling period for any new beneficiary is 30 Minutes
► Post the cooling period of 30 minutes, for first 24 hrs the transfer limits is ₹30,000/- for a new beneficiary
► Quick Transfer limit is ₹20,000/- per day at account level
►Maximum Per Transaction - Rs 2 Lacs ( IMPS) & Rs 5 Lacs (NEFT or Within Equitas Bank)
► Maximum Per Day - Rs 2 Lacs (IMPS) & Rs 5 Lacs (NEFT or Within Equitas Bank). Combined limit of Rs 10Lacs per day across all the transactions. LK

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I have scheduled for full kyc 4-5 times . But till now i han’t Recieve any call from ecom express . Please resolve it and done my full kyc asap

We regret the inconvenience Udit. Please inbox us your registered number so that we can take it up for you. LK

Can’t find your inbox. Where to send you my registered number

We have just dropped you a message, kindly reply to the same. LK

We have escalated the issue and we are working on completing the Biometric verification of your account at the earliest. LK

Oky i will wait for a agent .

Please do. Thank you for your patience. LK

KYC done​:crossed_fingers: ThankYou :crossed_fingers:


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