International transactions are blocked on Niyo Global Debit card

Hi, I recently created an account on Niyo global. In the debit card section it shows a warning stating “International transactions are blocked”, and we need global credit card for international transaction. What should I do ?
Will credit card be fine or can that also get blocked ?
Also, why is international transactions blocked on debit card ?

Hey Bhasar! Glad you enquired.

While the Niyo Global SBM debit card is temporarily paused for international transactions, we have multiple products that cater to international transactions with great benefits.

You can use our Niyo global Secured Credit Card for initiating International transactions as well as domestic transactions.

You can choose from the Niyo Global Equitas debit card, Niyo Global DCB card, and Niyo Global secured credit card. With any of these cards, you’ll enjoy the advantage of zero forex markup on all your international transactions. Along with that, you’ll have access to a wide range of benefits designed to enhance your financial experience.