Niyo card money isn't credited

I made a payment of 1 lakh through NEFT from my bank account and i still didn’t receive it on my niyo global card
This is not a small amount
I wish it can reflect on my bank Balance on niyo card

Hey @Sukruth_KN! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Usually, it takes up to 2-3 hrs to process an NEFT transaction. We kindly request you to wait until then. Please be assured that your funds will be safer. For further help, kindly connect with our in-app Live Chat Support using your Niyo Global app.


Hello deepak it has been more than 4hrs i did have a live chat and communicated with your team through mail
They said they haven’t received the amount i would like you to please look through this
It is not a small amount

And it is clearly mentioned to do NEFT in the app if the amount is 2000 above

@Deepak i have replied you with the necessary details

Hey @Sukruth_KN! As we checked, the amount has been successfully credited to your account. We kindly request you refresh your app and check the updated account balance and confirm the same.