Money transfer to us to pay college fee

Am I able to send money from India to us to pay college fee there. If yes what is the process??

Hey @Aravind_Kilari! Welcome to Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:

With Niyo Global by SBM card, you can make international transactions (online/ATM withdraw/POS). You can pay your college fee through swipe or online mode with 0 forex mark-up charges but you cannot send the funds to any of the international bank accounts.


Thanks for your information Mr. Deepak
How am I able to pay through online??
Is there net banking services I can go with!!

Hey @Aravind_Kilari! You may have to contact your college and check if they provide any online payments option.

We mean to say, online payment is just like how you pay online to book/order something. Like paying bills, ordering food, buying goods, etc.

Okay i’ll contact college. done :+1:

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Hi @Deepak I have same doubt i have to pay fee from India before Appling for Visa. I have to pay 15503 CAD in single shot as tuition fee which come around 9.5L is it possible with Niyo ??.
I also have 3 option for payment

  1. Pay with bank wire transfer in INR
  2. Pay with bank wire transfer in CAD
  3. Pay with VISA card in INR

Does Niyo save me ,as it was mentioned i does not charge any thing above VISA exchange website.
Is it possible to pay in CAD with niyo (ie 2nd payment) that seems to save me more than 15k ??

Hey @Muhammad_Fassil! Welcome to Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, the transactions that you make using Niyo Global card by SBM will be processed based on live Visa exchange rate. You can use the Niyo card to complete the transaction in CAD just by loading INR into your Niyo Global by SBM account.

To know more about the transaction limits, I’d request you to check our previous post here: What are the transaction limits and charges for the VISA Signature Debit Card?

Currently, Niyo Global by SBM doesn’t support wire transfers. The available options to make an international transaction are PoS, Ecom and ATM withdrawal.


Hi @Deepak i clearly understood thanks for your clarification.
And i want to add some more points that would be helpful for future students who read this thread.

  1. Since Niyo is not providing Wire Transfer, payment of college fee in their currency (Local currency of college eg: USD or CAD)is not possible.
  2. Fund transfer limit is 1 Lakh INR (IMPS,NEFT) . Paying Non refundable deposit (College deposit) amount more than 1 lakh INR is also not possible.(College itself provide link to payment gateway, to pay amount in student’s home currency like INR )

This Niyo global card can be used as Forex card which would be needed after landing abroad or while travelling we might wait for connecting flight in other country. We can use Niyo global card for purchasing grocery at store (Card swipe) or ordering things in e-commerce similar to Amazon, flipkart, But the limit is 7.5 lakhs INR per day.

Currently Paying College Fee is not possible. (April 2022)

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