International fund transfer

How do I send money to my friend’s international account using Niyo global account? Chatting live on app, I was told there’s no outward remittance option. Point of having a global account is to be able to do all global transactions including international fund transfers to other bank accounts abroad in addition to commercial digital transactions.

Please enable this feature if it is isn’t existing for continuing niyo services. Having to use another personal bank account just for this feature as recommended by niyo agent via chat sounds as a silly solution.

Please provide clarifications on this.

Also, even via PayPal we can’t transfer money from niyo global sbm debit card? What are the hidden charges if allowed?

Hey @Jayragh! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Niyo Global by SBM card can be used for your personal international transactions at 0 forex mark-up charges. However, you cannot transfer the funds to an international account from your Niyo SBM. Your feedback will be shared with our team on this. We’ll let you know if we facilitate this in the future.

Fund transfer through PayPal is restricted. We kindly request you to transfer the funds by adding a beneficiary or via UPI by linking your account to any third-party UPI apps.


Is there any plan to to include outward remittance feature. It has been more than a year since I last heard about it that " it is in the pipeline".

Without international transfer feature the app is incomplete.

Hey @hydra! Currently, we do not have the feature. However, it’s in our pipeline. We may add that in the near future. Stay tuned!