Lounge access feature disabled!

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Unethical marketing strategies !!!

First Niyo lures customers with complimentary lounge access and then suddenly from this very month they stopped it. Now customers have to earn international lounge access and domestic lounge access is not accessible through debit or credit card. Pathetic change and what’s more devastating is the fact that I got to know this new amendment just a few days before my travel . Highly disappointed with Niyo !!!


So the lounge access is not available at international lounges in India anymore?

Hi @Preeti_Beri @Kanav_chadha,

I hope you’re both doing well. I apologize for the delay in responding. There has been a slight change in the lounge update. You can find the latest information in the link provided below.
LOUNGE PASS PDF_APRIL_V1 (1).pdf (355.0 KB)


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Hi, in the app on the front page of DCB Niyo debit card it shows that lounge access is available on International terminals in India, is it true or not? And if not why does it say so in the app?