Any update on lounge access for Niyo Global SBM card? Is it active yet or not?

Is the lounge access on Niyo SBM card active? Is it a try and find out case or definitely not going to work case?

Hi @Yash_C ,

We shall put some light on the same by end of this month. Stay tunned.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon about the lounge access at international airport outside India …

I was reading at the FAQs and product info on Niyo website and I believe the lounge access would be for airport lounges in India only

Hello @Bansari
Is the international and domestic lounge access feature rolled out?

Hi @Ravneet_Sohi ,

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We shall spill the beans soon, stay tuned.


Hope they do international too across the world. Even if they have to charge a little bit fees for it.

@Sagar_Katara at the moment feature list says lounge access only within india but yes if they do provide priority pass access with some additional fees, that would be sick

How to access lounge in India.?
I am travelling to Delhi T3 Airport very soon.

@devarshupadhyay lounge access isn’t currently active as the product is still in it’s bets stage but you should expect that feature soon.

normally how that works is you go to the lounge (Plaza Premium at T3) and then present them with your boarding pass and card. They’ll scan your boarding pass and swipe your card (INR 2 for Visa and INR 25 for Mastercard) and would let you in if you have lounge access on your card.