Petition to Bring Back Domestic Lounge Access!

Why has Niyo discontinued Domestic Lounge Access for Niyo Global Credit Card ? Initially it was provided with the OG Debit Card but now it has been discontinued. As a loyal user of Niyo since the time of it’s starting I am very sad to see this feature go away from the Cards Features List.

Please bring it back, I am sure all fellow customers will agree with me on this topic.

Yours humbly,
Thank you,
Manasij Sajith

Hey, @manasij!

We appreciate your loyalty to Niyo and understand your disappointment regarding the discontinuation of Domestic Lounge Access for the Niyo Global Credit Card. This decision was made in line with our internal policies. However, we continue to offer lounge access at international terminals within India, allowing you 4 visits per year, one per quarter. We value your feedback and are constantly working to enhance our offerings.

Thank you for your understanding. :raised_hands: