Life Time free visa platinum card

Hii, I have created account in niyox equitas saving bank account in May 2021. I want to know that visa platinum card that I got,is really life time free from annual charges or its only free from annual charges for one year only as I read somewhere in internet that it’s only free for 1 year then 150 rs annual charges will be there.
Please help me out to clear this confusion.

First of all welcome to our community and the Visa Platinum debit card first year charges are waived off and this offer is only till 30th June and Debit card is not vaild for Life time and the Annual Charge is 150+GST

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So after 1 year, if I don’t want to renew visa platinum card, what have to be done. Do you have any idea?

The debit card doesn’t have validity of 1 year . The debit card has more than 1 year of validity

Sorry but I mean to say after 1 year, if I don’t want to hold this visa platinum card, I want to cancel debit card services. Then what have to be done for that?

You can block the card from the app and then you won’t be charged Annually


Thank you very much for your help, Sachin

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