Not able to load funds into SBM account

Hi Team,

Its been a 3-4 weeks since I have created a new account with Niyo/SBM and still I am not able to transfer funds into the account. 15 days back I had raised a ticket with you, ticket no. 1365887. This is still in pending state. If this is not fixed in next couple of days, I’d have no other choice but to close this account and find other alternatives.


Hello @kprasad94 ! We apologize for the lengthy delay. Do not worry! We’re actively following up with our concerned team for an update. We request you to wait. Meanwhile, we admire your kind consideration and precious time.-WB

@Wasim_Al_Basha it has been 8 days. Do you have any kind of update on this ? In the absence of an update today, I’d be taking up this with banking ombudsman .