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Hi. I have just opened up a NiyoGlobal account. I’ll be travelling for a year across south east asia. I would like to know the exact charges if I withdraw money from an international atm.

For example if I withdraw 10000 baht from an ATM in Thailand how much money(INR) will be debited from my NiyoGlobal account ?

As per google the exact exchange rate for 10000 baht is 22046.93 Indian rupees.

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All international transactions will be processed based on the live Visa exchange rates. You may know more about it in our previous post here: How do i know usd inr conversion rate to be used in USD transaction by niyo - #2 by Deepak That includes POS swipe transactions, ATM withdrawals, and online transactions.
For POS transactions, there will be FX adjustments.

For ATM withdrawals, ₹100+GST for all financial & non-financial transactions at International ATMs. Any charges up & above this could be incurred from the transacting ATM bank and need to be checked beforehand.


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@Deepak Thank you for the clarification. I have a couple of more queries regarding the International usage.

  1. I see a lot of people worrying about the FX adjustment which happens during the PoS, where their account gets debited when the merchant settles the payment which usually happens at a later date. Does this FX adjustment also applies to ATM withdrawals or not ?

2.When you mean no forex markup, does it also means no cross currency charge?

  1. I am planning to purchase for nearly an amount of 1lakh Thai Baht, if I bring in the equivalent INR into my account before the transaction, will my account gets blocked because the value will be over 2lakhs Indian rupees ? Also will I be able to complete the transaction smooth for the same amount?

Hey @jayjay! Let me try to answer your queries here.

  1. FX adjustments happen only for international PoS transactions but not for ATM withdrawals.
  2. Niyo Global does not have any cross-currency charges. All international transactions will be processed based on live Visa exchange rates.
  3. The account will not be blocked for loading INR to your Niyo Global account. You are requested to load funds to your Niyo Global account from your primary bank account. Once the funds are added, you can use your card for an international transaction without any hassle.



Hi @Deepak Thank you for the clarifications.

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